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How to Mix & Match Furniture with an Upholstered Bed

Posted by Mandi Bugatti on

We have many different types of bedroom collections from glam to traditional, and these sets make decorating easy and convenient. Sometimes you can end up stuck in a certain style when you purchase a set, and some of our customers prefer to mix and match different styles to create their own custom look. Choosing an upholstered bed as the foundation for your bedroom is not only a trendy choice, but a great starting point to build upon. With your own personal style and a little creativity, you can create a bedroom style that is uniquely you. Here are some tips and ideas to get started.

Erin Khaki Bed with Evan Dresser and Industrial End Table

Color- Its not necessary to go “matchy-matchy” with the furniture color scheme. Think instead about how your furniture coordinates with the rest of the room. The addition of lamps, curtains, artwork and rugs can help bring everything together. For example, if you have a tufted headboard, you can add a tufted accent chair.

Texture- When you mix different materials together, it creates visual interest in the room. If you choose an upholstered bed, find a nightstand and dresser or chest with a mirrored, painted, glass, high gloss, or metal finish. When you try different things together that you haven’t seen before, you can end up with an eclectic mix of new and old that still “goes together.”

Style- Mixing styles and discovering how well a rustic nightstand coordinates with a modern upholstered bed is the exciting and fun part. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt, but can create a custom look that is uniquely you. You can also use the same style of furniture but vary the colors and textures. This will give you a less dramatic look, but achieves the same eclectic effect.

Benicia Upholstered Bed with Cappadocia Dresser and Rustic Spiral End Table

Don’t be afraid to incorporate what you already have. If you love your nightstands keep them and add an upholstered bed frame. Love your dark wood bed but don’t want a whole room of dark furniture? Add a painted dresser or a pair of nightstands with a different texture or style. Stretch your creativity. You don’t have to throw out everything and start over, but you can if you’d like a clean slate.

Other details that can tie a room together:

  • A collection of accessories unified by a common material such as metal or rattan
  • An accent color or palette of colors repeated in several places
  • Furniture unified by a certain upholstery pattern or accent pillow
  • Pairing things such as a pair of lamps, a pair of mirrors on the wall, or a pair of nightstands
  • White does an amazing job of tying things together when you have a room full of different patterns and colors

Sonoma Blue Upholstered Bed with Louis Phillip Dresser and Hartford White Nightstand

Ready for a bedroom refresh? At Savvy Discount Furniture in Farmers Branch, TX, we’ve got everything you need at prices that fit both your tastes and your budget, and many items are available for same day pick up or delivery to DFW addresses. Call (214) 434-1143 or visit our website to browse the inventory.

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