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6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Sofa

Posted by Mandi Bugatti on

Some people wait to replace their sofa when the arms fall off, or they notice gaping holes with stuffing showing through. You can see this aftermath on trash day, or near dumpsters.

On the flip side, you can find deals on used couches at consignment stores and apps like Offer up. This could be because the previous owner’s taste changed or the result of a move.

The average lifespan of a sofa is 7 to 15 years, and these warning signs may show up a little sooner or later is this range. Here are the six signs it's time to replace your sofa, with a bit of discussion on each one.

1. Doesn’t Fit the Room

Maybe you’ve moved, or maybe you still have that Craigslist couch from college, but if you have to awkwardly walk around it to get to the kitchen, it's probably not a long term solution that you are going to be happy with. Similarly, If you have a large space and a loveseat that accommodates only two people and looks like it doesn’t belong, that is another sign it’s time to replace it.

2. Pops, Squeaks, and Creaks

If you sit down and hear any type of pops, creaks, or squeaking coming from your sofa, it's definitely time to look for a replacement. The wooden structure holding the foam and cushions in place may be damaged, or a metal spring maybe weakened, and it will likely get worse over time. Unless the sofa is an antique or an older sofa made with hardwoods, it's going to cost just as much money to repair the structural damage as it would be to replace the sofa altogether.

3. So Flat

If you feel like a nap in your car would be more comfortable, and offer more support than your sectional, it may be time for a replacement. When you get home, and your sofa is so flat it looks like someone has been sleeping on it all day, but no one’s been home, it’s time for a new sofa.

4. Not So Fresh

If your sofa smells a little funny, and vacuuming or steam cleaning doesn’t help, it may be time to replace it. Food, pets, kids and humidity can all be contributing factors, and if your room isn’t as fresh as you know it could be, it's time for a change.

5. Change in Decor Preference

If you look at your trendy modern sofa and all you can see is cold metal and stiff upholstery, it’s probably time to invite a warm, plush transitional sofa instead. As we evolve and change, our design aesthetic can change as well. We recommend having a sofa that makes you smile instead of cringe every time you see it.

6. Terrible Upholstery

If your upholstery looks a little worse for wear with stains, rips, fraying, or fading, it may be time for a new sofa. Sunlight, daily use, kids, and pets can damage and wear out the fabric, and will eventually need replacing.

If your upholstery pattern can be found on “That 70s Show,” it's time for a new sofa. When its not exactly damaged, but the pattern is super dated, something more contemporary may be just the change you are looking for.

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