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New Furniture Measurement Guide

In the excitement of purchasing new furniture, it’s important to check if the pieces will actually fit into your home. A staircase with an angle, a narrow hallway, or a small elevator can present a challenge. This guide will help you determine in advance if an item will fit into your home.

How to measure your space:

1. Measure the heights A and widths B of entryways and hallways both inside and outside your home.
2. Measure your entry clearance C - the distance from the wall, through the doorway to the opposite wall.
3. Factor in ceiling height D, stairways E, banisters F, corners G, and low hanging lights H.
4. Define the best pathway from outside your home to the room where your new piece will be placed, accounting for any architectural details when measuring.
Important places to measure before moving furniture into your home

How to get measurements of the new furniture:

We provide the width, depth and height of our furniture online and in our stores.
Some of our furnishings have removable legs, feet or bases, for delivery through smaller spaces. Please check with a SAVVY Sales Associate for information.
Our furniture measurements are from the widest or tallest point. This means any overhang, angle or outward curve are included in the overall dimensions.
Important places to measure before moving furniture into your home

Considerations before delivery:

Remove any frames or artwork from walls to avoid bumps and scratches.
Remove any obstacles between the door and your furniture’s final placement — plants, chairs, accent tables, etc.
Confine pets to ensure they won’t be underfoot or escape through open doors.
For buildings with an elevator, measure the height of the door & the inside space to ensure it’s big enough for your furniture to travel in.
Cut out a cardboard template in the size of the new furniture or use masking tape to mark off the area on your floor to help you envision how it will fit in your room.

Use a grid to plan traffic flow & final placement:

Important places to measure before moving furniture into your home

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