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Protection Plans

Five Year No Loss Protection Plan coverage

We'll turn your Protection Plan's retail price into store credit if you don’t file a claim during it's five-year term!

At a glance Protection Plan coverage

Accidents happen!

Our furniture protection plans offer peace of mind with every furniture purchase. Protect your investment from accidental spots, spills, breakage, and much more.

Our protection plans provide incidental and accidental damage coverage as well as protection against mechanical and structural breakdowns and/or failure to the covered product not provided by warranty. Please see Agreement terms and conditions for full details.

Gain peace of mind now and if you do not use your Protection Plan over the 5 years, Savvy Discount Furniture (S.D.F.) will give you store credit equal to the full Montage Premium Protection Plan retail price to use towards a future purchase at Savvy Discount Furniture!

Fabric, Leather & Vinyl Upholstery or Solid Surface Furniture

Five Year Protection

Product ValueProtection Price
$300.00 - $499.99$49.99
$500.00 - $799.99$79.99
$800.00 - $999.99$99.99
$1000.00 - $1449.99$149.99
$1500.00 -$1999.99$199.99
$2000.00 -$2499.99$249.99
$2500.00 -$2999.99$299.99
$3000.00 -$3999.99$399.99
$4000.00 -$4499.99$449.99
$4500.00 -$499.99$199.99
$5000.00 +$549.99

Ten Year Protection

Product ValueProtection Price
$200.00 - $499.99$49.99
$500.00 - $299.99$39.99
$300.00 - $399.99$45.99
$1000.00 - $1449.99$149.99
$400.00 -$499.99$55.99
$500.00 -$699.99$60.99
$700.00 +$70.99

Unused Protection Store Credit Minimum Purchase Terms

$39.99 - $70.99$599.99
$71.99 - $99.99$799.99
$100.00 - $199.99$999.99
$200.00 - $349.99$1499.99
$350.00 -$549.99$1999.99

  • You are not obligated to purchase a new Montage Premium Protection Plan with the S.D.F. No LOSS Protection Bonus.
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Prices and Terms subject to change without notice.
  • “The No LOSS protection bonus is an agreement solely between you and Savvy Discount Furniture and is not a benefit provided under this agreement, by the obligor or insurer”
  • Non-transferable, cannot be used in combination with other offers, no cash value, must have original contract from Montage, and original SDF receipt, SDF will check the service dates with Montage and if there has been zero activity SDF will apply the total value of the original protection plan to your next purchase.

Premium Complete 5-Year Furniture Protection Includes:

Mechanical and structural breakdowns to fabric, leather, vinyl upholstery, or solid surface furniture as a result of:

  • Breakage of frames, panels, or springs
  • Breakage of sleeper, recliner, lifting, heating, and/or vibrating mechanisms
  • Failure of integral electrical components
  • Lifting or incident-specific chipping of veneers or laminates exposing the substrate
  • Warping
  • Loss of silvering on mirrors
  • Fading from the sun
  • Seam separation

A specific post-delivery incident which occurs during normal residential use resulting in accidental damage, including:

  • All stain types, including dye bleed and dye transfer onto or into upholstery fabric, leather, or vinyl
  • Punctures, rips, or burns
  • Liquid marks or rings
  • Household heat marks
  • Gouges, dents, scratches, or chips that penetrate the finish exposing the substrate
  • Damage caused by nail polish remover
  • Checking, cracking, bubbling, or peeling of finish caused by a specific incident
  • Glass or mirror chipping, breakage, or scratches
  • Pet damage - single incident only

Premium Complete 5-Year Mattress Protection Includes:

Mechanical and structural breakdowns as a result of:

  • Breakage causing a structural breakdown to the Covered Products

A specific, single incident, which occurs after delivery that results in accidental damage, including:

  • All stain types
  • Punctures, rips, and burns

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What furniture is covered under the Premium Complete Protection Plan?
    • Premium Complete includes coverage for fabric and leather upholstery, wood, and other solids surfaces. The Protection Plan document governs all coverage, terms, and conditions for any covered items.
  • Why do I need a Premium Complete Protection Plan for my furniture?
    • When a covered incident happens, the Premium Complete Protection Plan offers the assistance you need – delivered by furniture experts with an unparalleled reputation for excellent customer service.
  • How long does the plan provide coverage?
    • Coverage extends for five (5) years from the date we deliver your new furniture.

  • What can I expect if I file a claim?
    • To expedite and shorten the claim process, you will be asked to fill out a service request form. This will clarify which piece of furniture was damaged, the extent of damage to your piece, when and where the incident occurred. You can also submit photos. This packet will be reviewed to determine if an in-home service can repair the damage. Please read your protection plan document for complete coverage details.
This promotional piece does not represent an agreement for coverage. Excludes damages covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Additional exclusions and limitations apply. Please refer to your protection plan document for specific coverage details. Coverage is provided by National Product Care Company, except in AZ, FL, and OK, where it is Service Saver, Incorporated, and in WA where it is ServicePlan Inc. All providers are located at: 175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604, 800-209-6206. Coverage provided via form numbers: PMC series. Administered by Montage, Inc., 4035 Park East Court, Suite 300, Grand Rapids, MI 49546, 1-800-686-5559.

To purchase a protection plan or for more information, call:
1 (888) 59-SAVVY